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I’m Katie Zweig. My husband Mark and I have three kids. Christy is 20 years old and is a creative writing student at the UofA who owns a newly remodled 1876 Fayetteville home, just off the square. She and her dad recently did the project together. She teaches horseback riding lessons at a local barn and is currently spending part of the summer in Ireland. Christy is a smart, nice and sensible and is beginning to realize the joys of living close to your family. Anna is 16. She has a summer job at a bread store and drives drives her new scion all over town. She also rides horses, and is enjoying her freedom this summer. Olive is 14 months old. She is a briliant toddler who loves to dance, read, talk, laugh, cry and ohhh.. I can’t even describe her. She can count to 6 and list the planets. She know her colors and even some ABC’s. She is certainly the best thing that has ever happen to me. Mark is a real go getter. He buys and restores old houses around town,writes a weekly news letter called The Zweig Letter for the A&E indusry, teaches at the Walton College of Business and collects Edsels. Mark is a great friend and partner and together we are carving out a happy life here in Fayetteville. Mark’s Website.

Now, really, about me. I am currently busy having Olive school every day where I am growing and teaching my girl everything she needs to know about the world. On top of that, I am the organizer of an online mothers group on meetup.com called NWA Playgroup. I also teach art classes to kids and adults here at Zweighaus Studio. Besides all that I eat out a lot, dream up art ideas, buy stuff, plant stuff, cook stuff, listen to music, read and you know just live it. I really needed a new vehicle for expression so I started this blog. I was going to start leaving post-it notes all over town, expressing my feelings about bad service or dirty bathrooms and become the “post-it bandit”, but I decided this would be more fulfilling. I am a liberal, breast-feeding, opinionated, creative and incredibly politically correct gal with lots of ideas flowing out of every crevasse. So get ready cause I’m lettin’ it flow.


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    I started a blog last week to spread the word about the needs at the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter. I am writing everyone I know to ask if you will add my blog link to your blog page and I will do the same for you? I hope to reach as many NWA philanthropists so the kids at the shelter will never have “immediate clothing needs” again. Even if you don’t add my link, will you tell your friends about my efforts to gather clothing for children at the shelter?


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